Returned exercises, beauraucracy and other animals

Hi Everyone,

You can find (as of a bit later today) your hard copies in the CS secretary’s office (ask, they’ll tell you where they put it).

You have a week from tomorrow to appeal, if you need. Appeals will be sent by email, as I’m no longer in the area. Make you case clear and short (Not being able to make a clear case is a good sign for not having a case…), back it up with the school solution and attach a clear scan of your exercise.

Those of you who submitted soft copies will get their graded exercise this evening by email (if you don’t by tomorrow morning, email me…).

I will pass the final grades to the university after that.

– Tali

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Final Grades

Could be found here.

They were calculated in the following manner:


Have a great summer!

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Q5, Q6 Grades

Hi Everyone,

You’ll find Q5 grades here.

Q6 grades here, solution to Q6 here.

Where you can get the hard copies will be published later on.

Note that we changed the scale of Q6 after grading it, so don’t be alarmed by what the grading in the hard copy says. The published grades are what counts, and if there’s any problem you can email me.

Final grades will be published shortly…

– Tali

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Submitting Q6

Hi everyone,

There’s an envelope in my mailbox in Ross 0 (in front of the cafeteria) labeled:

“נושאים בגבול כלכלה וחישוב, תרגיל 6”

Please put your solutions in there.

You may submit a soft copy by email, if you typed your exercise. Please do not scan and email handwritten exercises.


– Tali

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Q6 postponed

Since Q6 will only become clear after today’s (10.6) lecture, the submission deadline is postponed to the last day of classes: 21.6 midnight.  As a corollary, this will be the last exercise of this course.

This is a HARD deadline and late submissions will simply not be accepted.

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Q6 is now posted.  Submission by 17.6.

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Solution to Q4 and grading

Hi everyone,

You can now find the solution to Q4, fresh from the press 🙂

The grading is also to be found here, and as always, wait until you get the hard copies if you want to appeal (which, given the holiday, is likely to be next week).

– Tali

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